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IRS Wage Levys

Are you looking for information on IRS wage levys? Tax levies administered by the IRS, commonly misspelled as IRS wage levys, are a financial penalty that taxpayers can face if they owe the IRS money. While there isn't one specific form that an IRS wage levy must take, all IRS wage levys (levies) have one thing in common: to get the money you owe them in unpaid taxes.

IRS wage levys (levies) defined

Basically, IRS levys (levies) occur when you owe the IRS money. In situations like this, the IRS has the right to impose levys (levies) on your property in payment for taxes owed. As you might have guessed, an IRS levy is a very serious matter, and if you have had the unfortunate experience of being the victim of an IRS levy, then you should get professional tax help immediately.

The good news about IRS wage levys (levies), if there is any, is that the IRS doesn't like to hand them out at the drop of a hat. Rather, an IRS wage levy is a last ditch effort to get money from you. As such, there are ways to avoid getting an IRS levy; mainly, by filing your taxes on time and paying any debt owing. However, we all know that extraordinary circumstances can result in financial difficulties for even the most frugal person. Before you decide to tackle your IRS problems on your own, consult an expert at IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group for a free consultation.

How IRS levys (levies) work
When the IRS states they can seize property you own in place of taxes paid, this can include your car, your home, or another valuable possession. If you owe the IRS money, but don't own a car or a home, then maybe you think you are going to get off without paying your taxes. Think again. Even things such as bank accounts, retirement savings, and account receivables (for businesses) can be taken in place of tax debt.

However, IRS levys (levies) are only issued in extreme situations. The procedure usually goes as follows: the IRS contacts you by letter demanding payment for outstanding tax debts; you ignore or forget about these demands and do not pay the IRS what is owed to them on time; the IRS sends you another letter stating their intent to issue a levy about one month before the levy is to be put into effect, and unless you pay your tax bill in full within that time frame, you will probably be subject to an IRS levy.

Getting help with your IRS problems
If your property or wages have been subject to an IRS tax levy, then you really need financial advice. Ignoring your IRS problems certainly won't make them go away, but taking action by getting help from a professional can provide you with solutions to your tax problems. The experts here at IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group have negotiated with the IRS over IRS levys (levies) on numerous occasions. We know how damaging a levy can be, so we work quickly to resolve your tax problem. To get more information on how you can benefit from our experience and knowledge, simply fill out our questionnaire. We have helped many people reverse wage garnishment and we can help you too. We can set you up with a free consultation. Contact us today for help.

Call the IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group for your free consultation. Don't be one of those whose refunds go back to Uncle Sam. This year, find out how you can keep your money. We can help you with any tax questions that you may have

Our consultations are always free. Contact a representative here, and avoid or reverse and IRS wage garnishment decisions in your future. The call is free, the advice is priceless.

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