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IRS Penalties

IRS penalties are extremely common, and can mount if they begin to run for consecutive terms. There are various types of penalties, but all result in one thing - less money for you. The most common penalties used by the IRS, though, are Failure To File and Failure To Pay penalties. Both types of penalties can substantially increase the total you have owing to the IRS, and can do it very quickly. The IRS also charges interest on these penalties, which can be like adding insult to injury. If you are holding out on paying your taxes because you feel that you cannot afford to pay them, it is better avoid IRS penalties and make some payments arrangements. The IRS offer in compromise process exists for this exact purpose.

Late IRS Penalty Notes

An additional note which is important to the process of levying penalties is the fact that most taxpayers do not find out about issues with the IRS for some number of years after the problematic return was filed. This means that retroactive penalties, coupled with their interest charges, can be extremely harsh. If you have any unfiled tax returns kicking around, it may be a good idea to deal with them as soon as possible.

Currently, there are IRS penalties on the books which can mean you are penalized as high as 75-100% of the total original taxes owed. What this means is that in some instances, a taxpayer can afford to pay the original taxes, but not the penalties. We specialize in negotiating with the IRS to reduce or remove these penalties. Contact us here for a free consultation.

The goal of IRS penalties is to punish taxpayers who do not file or pay their taxes. But, this has become an additional income source for the IRS, much to the chagrin of many taxpayers. Do not think, however, that IRS penalties are un-reversible. With professional help, they can be reduced or removed. So before you pay, contact us here for a free consultation.

Offer In Compromise

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