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IRS Problems

IRS problems can be tough to handle at the best of times. This is partly because of the lack of information available regarding appeal processes, and the rather intimidating reputation the IRS has (perhaps unfairly) received. For this reason, most taxpayers do not necessarily feel comfortable calling the IRS for answers to their tax questions. Below are a few of the IRS problems we help clients with everyday:

Payroll Tax Problems | IRS Liens | IRS Levies | IRS Audits & Seizures
Wage Garnishments | Unfiled Tax Returns | IRS Penalties

Payroll Tax Problems

Much like various other tax types, the IRS has rather aggressive collection policies regarding payroll taxes. Penalties are often quite high, and can accumulate quickly if filings or payments are in anyway lacking or delinquent. In cases where payroll tax problems have hit your business, it is a must to have someone on your team, such as an Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent.

The answers you provide to the IRS representatives in payroll tax situations are very critical to your business, and can mean the difference between simple payment plans and a complete liquidation of your business assets. In effect, you should NEVER meet with IRS representatives until you have had the chance to speak with a professional about your options.

IRS Liens

If collecting taxes from you becomes a difficulty, the IRS have many weapons at their disposal. The IRS federal tax lien is just one of these weapons. Typically, they are filed with the County Clerk in the county where you live or where your business operates. These liens are public record - meaning they will automatically be entered into your credit report. In cases where IRS tax liens have been applied, it can become quite difficult to get accepted for financing - either for business or personal reasons.

Additionally, a federal tax lien can make it virtually impossible to sell any of your personal property, especially real estate. When a Federal Tax Lien is filed against a property, it cannot be sold or transferred until the Lien is cleared and the title clean. The irony here is that even if you want to pay down your taxes, perhaps with a loan guaranteed by your property, you cannot, as a lien can make it impossible.

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