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Offer In Compromise

Federal Tax Liens

Everyday, people and business from all over the USA suffer under the crushing financial pressure of a federal tax lien. In order to seek remuneration for unpaid taxes, the IRS has the power to attach a lien to any property or effect that you or your business own. The lien will be for the full amount of money owing on your tax bill, an amount that might be higher than the value of your asset. Once imposed, a lien negates the ability of the owner to sell, use as collateral, or gain any type of credit for that asset. This situation is intolerable, and can be extremely damaging to you and/or your business's financial health.

A federal tax lien has been imposed - what happens next?

Once the IRS obtains court approval to attach a lien to your property, the asset is essentially frozen. Under no circumstance can you now liquidate that asset, without first addressing the lien that has been attached. A federal tax lien is damaging to your credit, since it is a 'red flag' in the eyes of banks and financial institutions.

The IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group is a group of professionals that knows all about federal tax laws. We often have clients come to us that have had one or more liens attached to their assets. Our years of experience in dealing with the IRS, enable us to come up with solutions that often lead to the removal of the lien, freeing up the asset for more beneficial purposes.

Turning to us for help is an excellent idea because our trained negotiators have a history of success in dealing with federal tax liens. Let's face it: the IRS would rather get money from you, rather than attaching liens to your assets. Plus, the IRS also likes to deal with people that know what they are doing, and we have years of doing work like this. In the past, we have negotiated settlement plans for our clients that see the federal tax lien removed and be replaced with a payment plan that works. It's never too late!

Something we hear time and time again is how much pressure and stress our clients are under due to the bullying tactics of IRS agents. We understand how frightening this situation can be, and we know that fear can lead to bad decision making. The IRS knows the power they have over you, especially if you are like most folks-unfamiliar with tax laws and rules.

This is where we come in. The IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group speaks the language that the IRS speaks, so we are treated more as equals. Plus, since we are intervening on your behalf, they will not waste time by using scare tactics to try and force what they want-instant payment.

A federal tax lien is not the end of the world, but it should be your wake up call. Now that you are up, a free consultation by the IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group is your next step. Don't wait for the IRS to take the next step and seize your assets, call us today. Let us worry about filing the paperwork!

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