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Freedom Of Information Act & You!

Knowing the contents of your IRS file is a great benefit to you as a taxpayer, and can help in situations where you are encountering IRS problems. The Freedom Of Information Act is there for all US citizens to use, in order to discover any details the IRS may have concerning your tax file.

In many cases, an IRS audit or other inconvenient actions have a root problem which put them in motion. Freedom Of Information documents can be useful to help explain why, how and when your tax problems began. This information is helpful, particularly because it discloses the information the IRS uses to assess your taxes, as well as place interest and penalty charges against you. If you are currently suffering from tax woes, you may want to read more about the offer in compromise process.

If you are having difficulties ascertaining exactly why the IRS is considering action against you, the Freedom Of Information Act can help you better determine the issues at the heart of the actions. We help hundreds of taxpayers file for this information every year, and better ensure quick information delivery.

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