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Offer In Compromise

IRS Help

Everyday, hundreds of Americans discover issues with their taxes which require them to seek outside IRS Help. It's a simple equation: with hundreds of millions of individual taxpayers, plus millions of businesses all filing their taxes on an annual basis, there is a high likelihood that mistakes can be made. The IRS is an organization just like any other, run by people, and the more people and paperwork come together, the more likely mistakes are going to be made.

At IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group, we provide IRS help for both individual taxpayers and business taxpayers. We help ensure that no unnecessary IRS penalties or liens or levies are placed on our clients, who may have unpaid taxes which have become a burden. Many of our staff are former IRS employees who understand the system, and can help you with virtually any tax problem.

IRS Help Through Offer In Compromise

One of the most potent ways we help taxpayers like you alleviate tax debt and obtain tax relief is through the Offer In Compromise process. This process, if accomplished correctly, can alleviate much of the tax owed by either business or individual taxpayers, and provide a better payment scenario under which to operate. Much like debt negotiation, this process allows you to essentially come to an settlement with the IRS, which typically occurs when you do not have the funds available to pay your taxes. If you are in need of IRS Help, the offer in compromise process may what you are looking for.

Professional Help - Wanted, Perhaps Necessary
When seeking IRS Help, it is important that you contact an organization that can be trusted with the process. When seeking the systemic tax relief available to you, which may include either offers in compromise or installment agreements, it is important to have a professional on your side. The IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group (a division of the Tax Relief Network) is here to help.

Contact us here today for a confidential consultation.

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Free Tax Consultation
If you're finding yourself drowning in tax debt, we may be able to help. Get your life back on track with one free 10 minute consultation.

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