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This is a full table of contents for our website, which will enable you to find the information you need about our programs and services. We thank you for visiting us online, and encourage you to contact us here if you have any questions you feel were not completely answered by the content on our site.

We are always here to help! Thanks again for visiting us.

About Us - Find out a bit more about the IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group, and how our programs have helped thousands of Americans get out from under the burden of high tax debt.

Back Taxes - Paying back taxes is a necessary evil, and should be done with a gentle touch.

Free Consultation - Contact us here to ask questions or determine if our tax programs can help you deal with the IRS.

Filing Back Taxes - Filing back taxes is not incredibly difficult, but the process must be approached sensitively, so as not to encourage an IRS audit. Read more here.

Freedom Of Information - Read about how the freedom of information act can help you find out what exactly is in your IRS file.

IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help - Our home page.

Innocent Spouse Relief - If your spouse has left you with deep tax troubles, you may be eligible for a special IRS program.

Income Tax Evasion - Are you avoiding taxes to the point where criminal charges may be imminent? It's not too late to save yourself from jail. Read more here.

Income Tax Extension - The IRS will provide payment rescheduling and income tax extensions for those who qualify. Find out here if you do!

Income Tax Help - When your taxes are a little more complex than your accountant thinks, contacting us may help.

Income Tax Penalty - Having an income tax penalty placed on your file by the IRS doesn't mean the end of the world. Read more here.

Installment Agreement - If you show a determination to pay off your taxes, you needn't pay the balance all at once. The IRS does offer a "payment plan" of sorts, and you can read more about it here.

IRS Appeals - Just because the IRS says something is so, doesn't mean you don't have recourse. An IRS appeal, if done correctly, can help you immensely.

IRS Audits - One of the most fearsome processes in the world. Read about the IRS audit, types, and how we can help if you're about to be audited.

IRS Bankruptcy - Some, but certainly not all tax debt can be excused in bankruptcy, but it is a procedure you should consider carefully. Read more here.

IRS Back Taxes Due - There are thousands of Americans who right now owe back taxes. Are you one of them?

IRS Debt - Discovering you have IRS debt can be a real shock to many people. Discover how to alleviate it - fast!

IRS Levy - This is one of the more aggressive collection tools the IRS has on hand, and should be avoided if possible. Find out more here.

IRS Lien - IRS Liens and levies don't just come up out of nowhere. They are usually a last resort on the part of the IRS. Read about how we can help you negotiate when your back is against the wall.

IRS Offer In Compromise - Some interesting facts about the Offer In Compromise process.

IRS Penalties - We specialize in negotiating with the IRS to lower your overall tax penalties and interest.

IRS Penalty Abatement - There is a process whereby you can apply to have older tax penalties removed. Find out how we can help here.

IRS Problems - Ensuring your IRS problems don't escalate is our number one job. Read about how we can provide you with IRS help today!

IRS Refunds - Ensure that your are receiving all the refund you deserve from the IRS.

IRS Statute Of Limitations - It may be possible that some of the taxes you are paying are beyond the IRS statute of limitations. See how we can help you determine this here.

IRS Wage Levys - See how the IRS can levy your wages.

Offer In Compromise - See how we can help you negotiate your taxes in cases where your balance due is much higher than your assets on hand.

Offer In Compromise Form - The complicated form the IRS uses to ensure the offer in compromise is never quite easy as you would think.

Payroll Tax Penalties - We also help businesses to eliminate the payroll tax penalties which may be building up with each pay period.

Re-Opening IRS Audits - Although for obvious reasons the IRS does not advertise it, there is a process for re-opening IRS audits. Read more here.

Tax Advice - When looking for advice about your taxes, filing back taxes or engaging in an offer in compromise process, always consult a tax professional first.

Tax Advocate Service - Working with a company like IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group can not only save you stress, but money.

Tax Attorney - Do you need a tax attorney to deal with your IRS problems? In some cases, you might not.

Tax Audits - Getting audited is every American's nightmare. Saving you from the audit process is exactly what IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group does.

Tax Deductions - Are there tax deductions you may have missed? Read here for some important advice.

Tax Lawyer - Getting a tax lawyer might sound expensive in the short run, but over the course of your case it can save you thousands.

Tax Penalty Abatement - It is possible to have your IRS penalties appealed or delayed. Contact us here to find out how.

Tax Preparation - Humans make errors - and even your tax preparation firm may have. See why you should always consult an expert.

Tax Problems - Difficulties with the IRS come in many shapes and sizes. Speak to a professional before attempting to "do it yourself".

Tax Questions - When you have an important issue that you feel could put you in a bad place with the IRS, always trust only an expert.

Tax Relief - Getting tax relief is always possible when you have the right players on your team.

Tax Regulations Section 3421 - A quick note adapted from the IRS site with regards to levies and tax liens.

Tax Services - We are a premier tax services firm specializing in helping you with your tax problems.

Tax Solutions - Some of the tax solutions we provide.

Taxes, Stress And You
- Don't let taxes get you down. We are here to help.

Taxpayer Rights - There are certain rights you should always be aware of when dealing with the IRS.

Taxpayer Tips - Some handy tax tips for taxpayers who need help.

Testimonials - See what some of our recent clients have to say about the tax and IRS help we provide.

Unfiled Tax Returns - If you've got an unfiled tax return from some year, we can help you before the IRS strikes. Remember, not filing taxes is a federal crime, so waiting is not an option!

Wage Garnishment - Truly the worst of the IRS' collection methods, garnishing your wages can leave you scrimping to survive, and publicly embarassed. See how we help.


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